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About the game

Knytt Stories is a 2007 minimalist platformer game from Nicklas "Nifflas" Nygren. Its uniqueness is that additional levels can be installed in the game (which are essentially separate games, but on the KS platform). Themselves as new levels can be easily created by players using the built-in level editor. The game also features good ambient music and convenient controls. Plus, it's free. As a result, the game gained great popularity all over the world, more than 3000 levels were created. And even though software KS is outdated, the game still has loyal fans who continue to play it and create new levels.

Installation the game and levels

How to install the Knytt Stories game and mod

Official links to installation files: Knytt Stories, Knytt Stories Plus, Level Editor Plus.

Or download everything in one archive (contains Knytt Stories 121, Knytt Stories Plus 136 and a program for configuring buttons on a gamepad with profiles for KS and KU). Unpack this archive in the directory where the game will always start from. You can create shortcuts for the game (file "Knytt Stories Plus.exe") and the level editor (file "Level Editor Plus.exe") on the desktop (right-click to drag to the desktop, select "Create shortcut" in the context menu that appears).

How to install a new level in Knytt Stories game

Download the level setup file with ".knytt.bin" permission. In the main menu of the game, go to the "Install Level" section (a screen with a rabbit and a strip will open). LMB drag the level file onto the rabbit game screen. The level will start to load, as the load proceeds, the rabbit will jump to the right, when the load is over, the message "Finished!" and a card with the name of the level. If you need to load another level, you can drag it right after installing the previous one (you do not need to re-enter the installation menu).

Game control

Key on the keyboard – Action:
Left – Left.
Right – Right.
Up – Up.
Down – Down / (Action).
A – Walk.
S – Jump.
D – Umbrella.
Q – Item Bar.
W – Hologram.
E – Navigation (KSP).
I – Inventory (KSP).
H – Edge (KSP).
M – Map (KSP).

It is more convenient to play with a gamepad (although in the most difficult tests, apparently on the keyboard, you can achieve greater accuracy of movements).

Signs for codes
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Code 0. Code 1. Code 2. Code 3. Code 4. Code 5. Code 6. Code 7. Code 8.

Note: codes in levels can be written with these numbers, and then in the game you can press the buttons the required number of times.

Level categories (attributes):

  1. Difficulty: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Lunatic.
  2. Size: Small, Medium, Large.
  3. Category: Tutorial, Challenge, Puzzle, Maze, Environmental, Playground, Misc.

Abbreviated notation of level attributes (Difficulty / Size / Category): for example N / M / C stands for Normal / Medium / Challenge.

Level selections

Selected levels Knytt Stories
# Icon Author Level Attributes Date Rating
01 icon Nifflas Tutorial E / S / T 2007.08.27 4.7 / 5
02 icon Nifflas The Machine N / L / C 2007.08.27 * * * * *
03 icon Nifflas Sky Flower H / S / C 20??.??.?? * * * * *
04 icon Nifflas Gustav's Daughter H / M / C 20??.??.?? * * * * *
05 icon Nifflas An Underwater Adventure H / M / P-C 20??.??.?? * * * * *
06 icon Ultigonio Deep Freeze (KS+) H / L / C-P 2016.10.31 * * * * *
07 icon SecretGlitch Dark Sea 2 L / L / C 2011.04.22 * * * * *
08 icon Nifforum For egomassive (KS+) H / M / C 2013.10.27 * * * * *
09 icon egomassive Shipwrecked (KS+) N / M / C 2010.05.05 * * * * *
10 icon egomassive Through the Swamp E / S / E 2016.02.13 * * * * *
11 icon egomassive TToK: Earth Temple (KS+, Beta) N / S / C 2014.04.11 * * * * *
12 icon PeppyHare4000 Within the Treetops H-L / M / C 2011.07.09 * * * * *
13 icon Vegetal Gibber Exploring the Golden Land (KS+) N / M / E-P 2016.01.27 * * * * *
14 icon Jerom Marine H / M / C 2011.02.27 * * * * *
15 icon Sergio Cornaga & Gliperal An Impeccable Cat Hunt H / S / P 2018.11.11 * * * * *
16 icon Purple Pineapple Grey N / S / P 2010.02.18 * * * * *
17 icon Tayuma Sky Island (bug) H / L / C 2011.05.10 4.3 / 5

List of favorite levels from GrayFace (author of mod KS Ex) – Open.

List of favorite levels from Mitorun (author of this site) – Open.

Playing Techniques

- When you need to jump onto the ledge that hangs over you, then you need to jump when the knitt is in the middle of the point that makes up the diagonal (45 degrees?) With the point you need to catch on. You need to very accurately and quickly when jumping, first press to the side where the ledge is, and then in the opposite direction to catch on to it.

- When we have an umbrella and a double jump. How to jump from ledge to ledge on the ceiling. Squeeze the jump and sideways towards the ledge, fly to the middle of the ledge or a little further (holding the jump to soar), then simultaneously press the jump and umbrella buttons to remove the umbrella and jump a second time and almost immediately press in the opposite direction + up to catch on to the ledge.

- Longest side jump. We press to the side, run up and jump from the edge of the ledge. At the highest point of the jump, open the umbrella (sideways and the jump is clamped). Having steamed a little (xs how much exactly), simultaneously press the jump and close the umbrella (this is very difficult, you can try it together or on the keyboard) and at the top point again open the umbrella and soar until the end (sideways and the jump is clamped).

- The longest and highest jumps (no umbrella). There is a jump and a doublejump, if you need to jump as far as possible to the side, then you need to jump in this direction, and do doublejumps when you are on the same line (horizontal) with the target point! But if you need to jump as high as possible, then doublejump should be pressed early.

Game ideas

Ideas for improving the game Knytt Stories. Or rather, what a new game Knytt World might look like, which will take all the best from Knytt Stories and make it more modern and of higher quality:

Good manners when creating levels:

KS Level Archive website ideas

What can be improved on or when creating a new site with a library of games for Knytt World:

This is an experimental page dedicated to the game Knytt Stories. I would like to make a full-fledged site, on a separate domain, which will collect all the interesting information about the Knytt game universe. For this I will need help creating content and editing the English version of the site.

Discussion on the forum. Any ideas, links and content on Knytt games, please send to the contacts on the site.

The rights to the game Knytt Stories, its elements, levels, music, mods belong to their creators. This website does not bring material benefits, it was created for training in the layout of sites, as an example of a page with Knytt Stories levels and to popularize this legendary game from Nicklas Nifflas Nygren.